About d.OAT

d.OAT - OAT MLK sustainably crafted by chef and barista.

Introducing Ste, the barista, and Sandy the chef - we’re two friends who met while working next door to each other in the heart of Dublin city. One day, Ste approached Sandy with a brilliant idea: combining Sandy's culinary expertise with his barista skills to create the perfect oat mlk. We launched the first fresh oat mlk in Ireland to rave reviews, but didn't stop there. We have continued to refine and perfect our recipe, using the finest of oats and best of ingredients ensuring that every sip is as creamy and delicious as the last. We are proud to now launch our new d.OAT with the same great taste in new packaging.

  • No added sugar.
  • No filler.
  • No gums.
  • No gelling agents.
  • No thickeners.
  • No bulking agents.
  • No unnecessary additives, just a creamy and delicious oat mlk.

Produced with 100% certified green energy, our packaging is recyclable and from comes 83% plant-based materials and our cap is 100% plant-based.