1. What is d.OAT MLK?

d.OAT MLK is a premium oat mlk, born from the collaboration between a Dublin-based chef, Sandy Wyer, and a barista, Ste O’Loughlin. It stands out for its exceptional quality and taste, combining culinary artistry with coffee expertise to create a plant-based mlk alternative that's both delicious and sustainable.

2. How did d.OAT start?

The journey of d.OAT began in Dublin city, where Ste, working at a café, teamed up with Sandy from the neighbouring restaurant, Forest Avenue. Together, they introduced 'Dublin Oat,' Ireland's pioneering fresh oat milk. To accommodate growing demand and enhance shelf life, we now package the recipe we created in Sandys restaurant in a Tetra Pak form.

3. What makes d.OAT MLK unique?

Our oat mlk is crafted to be super clean, fresh and neutral tasting, perfect for everyday use. It's developed to complement a range of uses from cereals to cooking, or just a glass from the fridge with a bar of chocolate. For coffee enthusiasts, it creates tight microfoam, ideal for latte art, making it a versatile choice for both home and coffee bars.

4. Is it made in Ireland?

Our oat mlk's heart is in Dublin, developed by our founders Ste and Sandy. Initially, we produced it locally in North County Dublin. However, to meet the demand for longer shelf life through Tetra Pak packaging, we shifted production to mainland Europe. This move allows us to maintain our high-quality standards and original Dublin recipe on a larger scale. Rest assured, the essence of our product remains true to its roots of being born in a Dublin kitchen.

5. Can you tell us about the production facility in Europe?

Our European production plant operates on 100% certified green energy, actively reducing water consumption and prioritising natural and proximity-sourced ingredients. Our packaging is 100% recyclable, made from 83% plant-based materials. With FSC packaging certifications, we're committed to sustainability at every step.

6. Tell me about the ingredients in d.OAT MLK.

We meticulously select the finest European ingredients: pristine mountain spring water, top-quality whole grain oats, rich rapeseed oil, and just the right amount of sea salt. This selection guarantees that d.OAT MLK delivers a premium experience with every sip, celebrating the natural flavours we value.

7. How does your production align with sustainability goals?

Our production aligns closely with sustainability, utilizing 100% certified green energy, reducing water usage, and ensuring packaging is recyclable and made predominantly from plant-based materials. Engaging in projects like oyster seeding to clean up Dublin Bay underscores our commitment to environmental stewardship.

8. Where can I purchase d.OAT MLK?

You can explore our map below to find our stockists across Ireland! If you stock us and don't see your shop on the map contact us and we will be more than happy to add you.

9. Is it vegan?


10. Is it gluten free? 

No. While oats themselves are naturally gluten-free, they may come into contact with gluten-containing grains during harvesting or processing. However d.OAT has 10% oat content meaning any gluten in the drink is likely diluted to well below acceptable levels for most. But gluten is a sticky protein that naturally clumps and so any sources of gluten in the drink are likely to be in one sip. As a result we aren’t comfortable with putting claims on our product that we can’t stand behind in every sip. If you have any gluten allergies or intolerances it’s best to use your own judgement and experience in deciding to drink.